Gold Maple - 1oz - Elk 2019


steuerfrei nach § 25c UStG

brand new from manufacturer

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  • Product information and history
    Launched in 2014 by the Royal Canadian Mint, Call of the Wild series features Howling Wolf 2014, Growling Cougar 2015, Roaring Grizzly 2016, Bulking Elk (Deer or Moose) 2017) and Golden Eagle 2018 is now continued by the sixth coin of the Elk 2019.

    The 1 ounce Elk 2019 gold coin has a purity of 999.99 / 1000 an exceptional fineness for bullion coins. The face value is 200 Canadian Dollars (CAD). The namesake of the coin series is a novel by the American writer Jack London. Like all other "5x9" gold coins, the coin is only minted in the 1 ounce denomination.

    Front side (picture or main page, Avers (numismatics))
    The motif page shows an elk To the left of the security mark (laser micro engraving of the maple leaf), the initials of the designer "PL" Pierre Leduc are engraved. As with all coins in the series, the output edge "CANADA" is embossed on the upper edge of the coin. The lower edge of the coin is decorated with the words "FINE GOLD 99999 1OZ OR PUR".

    Back side (value side, Revers (numismatics))
    As with all coins whose countries belong to the Commonwealth of Nations, the value side adorns the face of the Queen Elizabeth II, who is the official head of this state federation. In addition to its name "ELISABETH II", the circular also includes the year of "2018" and four times the nominal value of "200 dollars". The circular is completed by "D.G. REGINA", which means "Queen of God's grace" (Dei Gratia Regina).
  • Gross weight in grams 31,1035
    Finess 999,99/1000
    Tax steuerfrei nach § 25c UStG
    Condition brand new from manufacturer
    Single package with serial number
    Multi package see single packing
    Endge fluted
    Thickness in mm 2,87
    Diameter/Width in mm 30
    Country Kanada
    Embossing year 2019
    Par value 200 CAD