1 Ounce Platin Lunar III Mouse 2020 -NEW-



as good as new

protective acrylic capsule

see single packing

Buy: € 1.088,72incl. tax plus shipping

Sell: € 817,79
  • The first issue of a Lunar Platinum coin comes with the new Lunar III series in September 2019. The motif is the same as that of the Lunar III in gold and silver. The very small edition of 5.000 pieces could make the Lunar III Platinum Mouse 2020 interesting for investors as well as collectors despite the less traded and collected precious metal platinum.
  • Gross weight in grams 31,1035
    Finess 999,5/1000
    Tax regelbesteuert
    Condition as good as new
    Single package protective acrylic capsule
    Multi package see single packing
    Endge fluted
    Thickness in mm 2,45
    Diameter/Width in mm 32,6
    Country Australien
    Embossing year 2020
    Par value 100 AUD