Gold Maple - 1oz - Bulking Elk 2017


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as good as new

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  • Established in 1901, the Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for a number of celebrated precious metals products and series of coins. Displaying excellent quality, precious metals purity, and exquisite artwork, their products have always appealed to both investors and Canadian coin collectors.

    The Royal Canadian Mint annually releases a coin in this series, featuring unique wildlife themed coin designs. Annually changing coin designs coupled with gold purity of the highest order, each coin in the series has been an instant hit in the precious metals market.

    The 2017 One Ounce Canadian Gold Elk coin is the 4th coin in the ‘Call of the Wild’ series. The coin is struck using exceedingly pure 0.99999 (99.999%) gold, weighing one troy ounce. As legal tender – it  faces a value of $200 (CAD). In fact, this is the highest face value assigned to any gold bullion coin in the precious metals market.

    Designed by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc, your coin features the right side-profile of a majestic elk (Cervus canadensis). Precision engraving captures the beauty and strength of this majestic Canadian species through the finest details, including the texture of its furry mane. Its formidable antlers are prominently displayed as our mature bull lifts its heavy head towards the sky to release its high-pitched roar, which is represented by the rounded sound waves that fill the proof background. Also engraved on the reverse are the words "CANADA" and "FINE GOLD 99999 1 OZ OR PUR".

  • Gross weight in grams 31,1035
    Finess 999,99/1000
    Tax steuerfrei nach § 25c UStG
    Condition as good as new
    Single package secure tamper-proof Certicard blister pack
    Multi package see single packing
    Endge fluted
    Thickness in mm 2,87
    Diameter/Width in mm 30
    Country Kanada
    Embossing year 2017
    Par value 200 CAD