Austrian 4 Florin - 2,91 gram Gold


steuerfrei nach § 25c UStG

circulated products - bank standard

clear plastic sleeve

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  • Product description

    Originally a silver-based currency dating from the 19th century, the Gold Florin (also called Gold Gulden) was issued to circulate freely within the Latin Monetary Union, comprising France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. Austria, however, struck its very own impressive 4 and 8 Florin coins in gold up until 1892. Engraved on the coin's reverse, 1892 was the year that Florin (Gulden) were eventually replaced by Coronas. The Latin Monetary Union, on the other hand, lasted until the run up to the First World War. Its member countries had agreed to issue coins of the same weight, alloy, size and equivalent value. Austria signed a preliminary agreement in 1867 but failed to achieve the currency criterion for membership.

    Front (Motif- or Mainside, Obverse (numismatics))
    The obverse of this beautiful Gold restrikes features a bust of Austrian King and Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef I.

    Back (Valueside, Reverse (numismatics))
    The reverse of the 4 Florint displays the coat of arms of Austria superimposed over a crowned imperial double-headed eagle.

    Available sizes:
    4 Florin, 8 Florin
  • Gross weight in grams 3,23
    Finess 900/1000
    Tax steuerfrei nach § 25c UStG
    Condition circulated products - bank standard
    Single package clear plastic sleeve
    Multi package see single packing
    Endge notched
    Thickness in mm 0,8
    Diameter/Width in mm 18,9
    Country Österreich
    Embossing year Prägejahr 1892 (Nachprägung)
    Par value 4 Florin