Australian Silver Koala - 1 oz - 2020


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brand new from manufacturer

protective acrylic capsule

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  • Product description
    The Silver Koala is an Australian silver bullion coin minted by the Perth Mint and is a famous series of silver coins of Australia. The series features designs of the iconic Australian marsupial, the Koala. A new design is released each year with a slightly different koala design.The Silver Koala is notionally legal tender, that is a legal means of payment (in Australia). This beautiful coin is an affordable way to boost your portfolio and an excellent addition to any collection.

    The Silver Koala series was launched in 2007 and the 10th anniversary edition of the 1 oz coin is certain to be in high demand. Each coin contains one troy ounce of .999 silver. Collectors value these striking coins for their annually changing design and a limited mintage of 300,000 adds to their appeal. 

    Front (Motif- or Mainside, Obverse (numismatics))
    The 1 oz Silver Koala 2017 coin features the lovable koala bear, one of the most recognisable symbols of Australia

    Back (Valueside, Reverse (numismatics))

    The obverse of the coin always features Queen Elizabeth II and the monetary denomination. 

    Denomination Face Value Name Year
    Finenesst Coin weight Diameter
    1/2 oz 0,50 AU$ Koala 2008 - 2015 minted 999 15,62 g Ø 32,10 x 2,10 mm
    1 oz 1,00 AU$ Koala ab 2007 minted 999 31,24 g Ø 40,60 x 4,00 mm
    10 oz 10,00 AU$ Koala 2008 - 2015 minted 999 312,35 g Ø 75,50 x 8,70 mm
    1.000 g 30,00 AU$ Koala ab 2008 minted 999 1.002,50 g Ø 101,00 x 14,60 mm
  • Gross weight in grams 31,1035
    Finess 999,9/1000
    Tax differenzbesteuert nach § 25c UStG
    Condition brand new from manufacturer
    Single package protective acrylic capsule
    Endge fluted
    Thickness in mm 4
    Diameter/Width in mm 40,6
    Country Australien
    Embossing year 2020
    Par value 1 AUD