2 Rand Goldcoin (South Africa) - mixed years


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  • The 1 Rand and 2 Rand gold coins were minted 22 years from 1961-1983 by the South African Mint. Like the world-famous Krugerrand gold coin, the coin has a 22-carat gold / copper alloy with a fineness of 916.6 / 1000. Although the minting of the 1 Rand and 2 Rand gold coins was discontinued in the early 1980s, they still constitute legal tender in the Republic of South Africa.

    "The Springbok" on the face value page of the coin strongly reminds of the Krugerrand and is regarded as a forerunner of the Krugerrand, since it went into production a few years earlier. Designer is the sculptor Coert Steynberg (1905-1982).

    The motif side of the coin depicts the portrait of "Jan Anthiniszoon von Riebeeck" (1619-1677). The Dutchman was a ship's doctor and merchant and formerly the first steward of the Dutch East India Company (today's Cape Town), which became British about 200 years later , The inscription "Unity makes strong" is marked in both Afrikaans ("Eendrag Maak Mag") and in English ("Unity is Strength"). The English lettering is located on the right side of the 1 rand gold coin and on the left side of the 2 rand gold coin.
  • Gross weight in grams 7,32
    Finess 999,9/1000
    Tax steuerfrei nach § 25c UStG
    Condition circulated products - bank standard
    Single package clear plastic sleeve
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    Endge fluted
    Thickness in mm 1,8
    Diameter/Width in mm 22
    Country Südafrika
    Embossing year verschiedene Jahrgänge