1 Unze Gold Somalia Elefant / African Wildlife 2023


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  • Somalia Elephant gold coin, African Wildlife 2023

    Since 1999, the African Wildlife/Somalia Elephant gold coin is offered in the trade. The first five years it appeared under the flag of Zimbabwe. From the year 2004 the government of Somalia gave the permission. Although the official name of the series is African Wildlife, the coins are also called Somalia Elephant because of their origin. In the case of the African Wildlife coin, we are talking about an agency mintage. This means that the country Somalia - gives the minting rights to a private company. In this case, the Bavarian Mint. The design of the coins is subject to strict regulations, so that the client country does not lose its reputation.


    The front of the Somalia elephant/African Wildlife shows an eating elephant. He grabs a twig with his trunk stretched out. In the background we can see the African desert with a hill and the typical plant vegetation in Africa - the Burkea Africana. The motif changes every year. 


    The back of the African Wildlife/Somalia elephant shows the Coat of Arms of Somalia. We can see two leopard clinging to the shield with a star. They stand on crossed barriers with palm fronds.

    We present the coin in detail on YouTube

  • Gross weight in grams31,1
    Taxsteuerfrei nach § 25c UStG
    Conditionneuwertig - prägefrisch
    Single packagein durchsichtiger Plastikkapsel
    Diameter/Width in mm38,7
    Embossing year2023
    Par value1000 Somalia Schilling

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