1 Unze Gold Krügerrand 2023


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  • The Krugerrand year 2023 

    The "Krugerrand" (Krügerrand in German) is an internationally acknowledged bullion coin. To date, over 60 million copies have been sold. This makes the Krugerrand the most widely held and actively traded coin in the world. First minted in 1967, it is still one of the best-selling gold coins today. It is a symbol of wealth and prestige.

    Starting with a circulation of 40,000 pieces in 1967, production peaked between 1974 and 1984 with up to 6 million pieces. With the import ban in the EU and USA, the circulation fell sharply and reached its lowest point in 1995 with 8285 pieces. Production is currently over 1 million units again.

    The Krugerrand was and is legal currency with no face value at 91.6% gold purity. The higher roughness is due to the copper alloy used to increase scratch resistance. The copper content also gives the coin its typical reddish-gold hue.


    The portrait on the front (numismatics) shows an image of Paul Kruger. The name Kruger comes from the 19th century President Paul Kruger, who also named the famous Kruger Park. The rand, which is also South Africa's currency, comes from the geographic name Witwatersrand in the province of Gauteng, where large amounts of gold were found in the late 19th century. 


    The reverse of the Gold Krugerrand features the national animal of South Africa, a springbok antelope. The 1947 motif of the springbok was created by Coert Steynberg, a famous South African sculptor who lived from 1905 to 1982.

    Tradeable sizes:
    1 ounce (1967 onwards), 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10 ounce (all 1980 onwards)

    Visit the official Krugerrand website here


  • Gross weight in grams33,93
    Taxsteuerfrei nach § 25c UStG
    Conditionneu - direkt vom Hersteller
    Single packageim durchsichtigen Münztäschchen
    Multi packageOriginaltube (10 Münzen)
    Thickness in mm2,84
    Diameter/Width in mm32,77
    Embossing year2023
    Par valuekeiner


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