Münzetui NOBILE, 48 mm, schwarz View larger

Münzetui NOBILE, 48 mm, schwarz



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  • Coin Etui NOBILE, 48 mm, black 

    This etui from our supplier "Leuchtturm" is ideal for storage of capsulated coins. These coin cases in different sizes are perfect for long-term storage. The satin, leather-like cover material and the black velvet inlay make the case look elegant. 

    The Coin Etui NOBILE, 48 mm fits for the coin capsules GRIPS 41 and 42. 

    Please find a detailed overview about which capsule fits for which coin in the MÜNZKAPSEL RATGEBER from Leuchtturm. 

    About Leuchtturm 

    The history of the LEUCHTTURM album publishing house begins in 1917, when the lithographer and lithographer Paul Koch founded the KABE publishing house in Aschersleben in today's Saxony-Anhalt. KABE was short for Koch & Bein, where Bein was the name of his business partner. The company produced the KABE stamp albums, which are still issued today, and later also issued coin albums under the "Komet" brand. Paul Koch had to sell his first company in the 1930s. After the war, Koch succeeded in founding a new company in Hamburg in 1948: The LEUCHTTURM Albenverlag, which also dealt with the production of stamp albums. Today, LEUCHTTURM is the largest manufacturer of collector's accessories and guarantees high-quality accessories.

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