Shipping methods - insured and attractive

Integrated into the ZIEMANN GROUP - one of the largest cash-in-transit companies in Germany - we have direct access to their extensive experience in handling high values. Thanks to this advantage, it is possible for myVALOR to assemble and subsequently dispatch customer orders at the highest level of security. The excellent insurance cover of the ZIEMANN GROUP naturally also applies to myVALOR's shipments.


Shipping fee from EUR 9.50 incl. comprehensive insurance cover

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For insured shipping with our logistics partner to your home, we charge you from EUR 9.50 depending on the shipment value. The shipping charges are staggered as follows: 

value per ordershipping fee
up to 250 EUR9,50 EUR
251 EUR - 500 EUR12,50 EUR
501 EUR - 2.500 EUR15,50 EUR
2.501 EUR - 10.000 EUR18,50 EUR
10.001 EUR - 20.000 EUR22,50 EUR
über 20.000 EUR29,00 EUR

The values are usually shipped to you within 3 - 10 working days after receipt of payment. The delivery is carried out with a neutral logistics partner and is fully insured. Thanks to our experience with the transport of valuables in the ZIEMANN GROUP, as a customer of ZIEMANN VALOR you benefit from the comprehensive insurance cover and the high level of security in the packaging of your valuables. The stated shipping costs apply exclusively to national shipping within Germany (excluding islands). Islands and intra-European shipping is possible on request.