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20 x 1 gram Combibar - Valcambi -


steuerfrei nach § 25c UStG

guter - sehr guter Zustand

in spezieller Blisterkarte mit Seriennummer und Zertifikat

analog Einzelverpackung

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  • CombiBar is the newest and most innovative minted bar ever produced in the world issued by Valcambi.
    It is technically designed to serve as an investment bar. Valcambi CombiBar benefits from Valcambi's outstanding craftsmanship, 
    Hallmark, Assay Mark and assured quality. 

    Gold CombiBar:
    The Valcambi gold CombiBar is available in 100g, 50g, 1oz, 20g and 5g star form.

    The first gold Valcambi CombiBar was issued in April 2011, an innovative style of a 50 g gold investment bar, comprising 50 detachable 1 g bars. The Valcambi gold CombiBar offers the possibility of breaking the bar into groups of 1 g gold bars or into 50 separate 1 g pieces. Each bar is certified by Valcambi and will be accepted at any time and place for its gold value.

    Each 50 g Valcambi goldCombiBar is security sealed into a PETG wrapping which contains a serial numbered assay certificate.
    Rectangular CombiBar 20 pieces per 1 gram bar have a fineness of 999,9 and the size is 2.00 x 37.00 x 0.85 mm.

    It is available in gold, platinum and palladium of 50 grams weight (50 units of 1 gram each) with Valcambi’s brand and design. Silver CombiBar are 100 grams weight (100 units of 1 gram each or 10 units of 10 grams each).

  • Gross weight in grams 20
    Finess 999,9
    Tax steuerfrei nach § 25c UStG
    Condition guter - sehr guter Zustand
    Single package in spezieller Blisterkarte mit Seriennummer und Zertifikat
    Multi package analog Einzelverpackung
    Country Schweiz

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