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Silver Bar 250 g - Heraeus - minted



neuwertig - prägefrisch

in Folie eingeschweißt

analog Einzelverpackung

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  • Product description
    Heraeus is a well established mint that has been in business for more than 160 years. With a gold and silver bars from Heraeus, you can rest assure that your gold ot silver bar is of German quality from a mint that is among the most renowned in the world. With a Code of Conduct that includes binding regulations and guidelines on the acceptance and processing of precious metals, the Heraeus Group has committed to high standards that apply to all employees. Accordingly, our bars are produced only from material that meets these standards. The standards apply to primary supply from mines as well as recycled material. For further details, see the Heraeus Purchasing Policy.

    On the frontside you find the hand with the roses is the Heraeus family crest which Isaac Heraeus (apothecary, 1636 – 1676, born in Güstrow) created himself when he settled in Hanau at the end of his wanderings. The picture only shows a section of the actual family crest.

    The reverse is blank.

    Tradable sizes / condition

    WeightName Finenesssize
    5 gHeraeus Silverbarminted99923,00 x 14,00 x 1,60 mm
    10 gHeraeus Silverbarminted99931,50 x 18,50 x 1,80 mm
    20 gHeraeus Silverbarminted9994,40 x 23,30 x 2,20 mm
    1 ozHeraeus Silverbarminted99949,70 x 28,50 x 2,20 mm
    50 gHeraeus Silverbarminted99949,70 x 28,50 x 3,60 mm
    100 gHeraeus Silverbarminted99949,70 x 28,50 x 7,00 mm
    250 gHeraeus Silverbarminted99980,00 x 47,00 x 6,50 mm
    500 gHeraeus Silverbarcasted999ca. 96,00 x 51,00 x 10,00 mm
    1.000 gHeraeus Silverbarcasted999ca. 108,00 x 50,00 x 20,00 mm
    5.000 gHeraeus Silverbarcasted999ca. 246,00 x 70,00 x 34,00 mm
    15.000 gHeraeus Silverbarcasted999ca. 275,00 x 105,00 x 75,00 mm

    The gold bars traded here are, without a doubt, newly formed gold bars directly from the manufacturer Heraeus. In the case of used gold bars or circulating goods, the customer is explicitly referred to under the property "condition".

  • Gross weight in grams250
    Conditionneuwertig - prägefrisch
    Single packagein Folie eingeschweißt
    Multi packageanalog Einzelverpackung
    Thickness in mm6,5
    Diameter/Width in mm47
    Length in mm80

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