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  • 1 Ounce Vienna Philharmonic Platinum

    The Vienna Philharmonic is the first ever platinum bullion coin with a euro denomination and has been issued by the Austrian Mint in 1 ounce denominations since 2016.


    As with the gold and silver coins, the motif, which remains the same every year, shows on the motif side a selection of instruments from the world-famous Philharmonic Orchestra that gives it its name. In the center is the cello. It is surrounded by 4 violins, a horn, a bassoon and a harp. Above the instruments is the inscription "Vienna Philharmonic". Below the name of the coin is "Platinum".


    On the value side, the organ of the Great Hall of the Musikverein is depicted, with "REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH" above it. In the lower area is written "1 UNZE PLATIN" and "999.5", the usual fineness for platinum coins. Below are year and the nominal value "100 EURO".


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    Conditionneuwertig - prägefrisch
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