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  • 1 Ounce Gold Mexico Libertad various years of issue

    The 1 ounce gold coin from Mexico is minted since 1981 by the Casa de Monada de Mexico. This mint was founded by the Spanish in 1535 - it is one of the oldest and still active today. It is located in the city of Ciudad de México. The coin takes its name from the goddess of liberty, Libertad. The female figure with wings represents the goddess of victory. The design of the coin has not changed since 1996. 
    The gold coin is made of pure gold with a fineness of 999.9/1000. The one ounce has a weight of 31.103 grams. The fine weight is the same, as the production is made of 24 - carat gold. The diameter is 34.5 mm and the thickness is 2.1 mm. The rim is fluted. 
    A distinctive feature of the 1 ounce gold Mexico Libertad is that no nominal value is specified. This is developed on the basis of the daily gold rate in the Mexican currency peso.


    Since 1996, the motif side of the 1 ounce gold coins Libertad from Mexico shows the goddess of victory standing with outstretched wings on a column in front of the volcanoes Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl. The coin bears the inscription "1 onza, oro puro" for "1 ounce, pure gold", the year of minting and the fineness "Ley .999". Before 1990, the Libertad gold coin from Mexico was minted with a fineness of 900 / 1,000, which caused the coins from 1981 to 1995 to differ in size and weight from the newer coins. The mint mark "M" with a small "o" above it is engraved on the motif side and serves as a distinguishing feature for the Libertad coin.


    The back of the Libertad coin features the country's coat of arms in the form of an eagle slaying a snake. The 1-ounce gold coin with the Goddess of Victory also features other coats of arms arranged in a circle around the eagle's crest, which is not the case with smaller denominations. Above the coat of arms, and not on the edge of the coin, is engraved the inscription "Estados Unidos Mexicanos", which means "United States of Mexico". Below the coat of arms are an oak branch and an olive branch held together by a ribbon.

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