Swiss Vreneli 20 Franc - 5,81 gram Gold


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  • Product description
    Vreneli is the informal name for a range of legal tender gold coins produced in Switzerland. The formal name is: Tête d'Helvetia (French), Helvetiakopf (German) or Helvetia Head (English). The coins were issued between 1897 and 1936, in 1947 and in 1949. All coins issued after 1936 are restrikes (legal tender ceased September 29, 1936. These coins had face values of 10, 20 and 100 Swiss francs and were minted in a millesimal fineness of 900.  The coins were minted at the Swiss Mint at Bern.

    Front (Motif- or Mainside, Obverse (numismatics))
    The coins are sometimes colloquially called “Swiss Miss,” from the obvious obverse motif. Helvetia actually connotes two ideas: it is a variation of the official Latin name of Switzerland, Confoederatio Helvetica or Swiss Confederation, and, by extension, it refers to the allegorical figure of the Swiss version of Lady Liberty. The Helvetia figure is often depicted with a tiara with the word "Libertas" the Latin root for Liberty, as depicted on an earlier version of the denomination and known as the "Libery head". The coin is designed by Fritz Landry of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, whose signature, "F. Landry" appears on the coin under the portrait. The edge of the coin is imprinted with stars in relief.

    Back (Valueside, Reverse (numismatics))

    The 20 franc coin's reverse shows the Swiss shield, featuring the Swiss Cross, and a wreath of oak along with the denomination.

    Available sizes:
    Weight Facevalue Name

    Fineness Total Weight size 2,903 g 10,00 SFr. 10 Franken Vreneli 1911 - 1922 minted 900 3,226 g Ø 19,00 x 0,90 mm 5,806 g 20,00 SFr. 20 Franken Vreneli 1897 - 1949 minted 900 6,452 g Ø 21,00 x 1,25 mm 29,032 g 100,00 SFr. 100 Franken Vreneli 1922 minted 900 32,258 g Ø 35,00 x 2,20 mm
  • Gross weight in grams 6,45
    Finess 900
    Tax steuerfrei nach § 25c UStG
    Condition Umlaufware - Bankenstandard
    Single package im durchsichtigen Münztäschchen
    Multi package analog Einzelverpackung
    Endge geriffelt
    Thickness in mm 1,25
    Diameter/Width in mm 21
    Country Schweiz
    Embossing year verschiedene Jahrgänge
    Par value 20 SFr

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