Chile 50 Pesos - 9,15 gram Gold


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  • Product description
    The Gold Peso was issued in the 20 century from the Banca Central de Chile and produced by the mintage Santiago de Chile.
    The Chile 50 Peso Liberty gold coin is characterized as a modern gold coin. Other denominations produced by the Chilean government are the 20 Peso gold coins and the 100 Peso gold coins. The estimated recorded mintage for the Chile 100 Peso Liberty gold coin is of 540,000 coins. Together with other denominations, like the 20 pesos and the 100 pesos gold coins, the Chile 50 Pesos Liberty gold coin is a bullion gold coin.
    For investors and people who consider gold as a safe heavon Gold Peso preserves their fortune and their wealth.

    Front (Motif- or Mainside, Obverse (numismatics))
    The obverse also depicts a laureate female head with coiled hair in the left position and dressed in representative Chilean dress. The words REPUBLICA DE CHILE are also present on the obverse in the superior semicircle of the gold coin.

    Back (Valueside, Reverse (numismatics))
    The reverse depicts the Chilean Emblem. The reverse of the Chile 50 Peso Liberty gold coin illustrates a shield that has in the center a five pointed star. The shield is supported by two crowned animals and the coin is written the inscription CIEN PESOS 50 Ps DIEZ CONDORES and the mint mark representing the Santiago de Chile Mint.

    Available denominations

    Weight Fineness Fineness (g)
    1 Pesos 1,52g 900 1,37gAu 1851 bis 1892
    2 Pesos 3,05g 900 2,74gAu 1851 bis 1892
    5 Pesos 7,62g 900 6,85gAu 1851 bis 1892
    5 Pesos 2,99g 916 2,74gAu 1895 bis 1980
    10 Pesos 15,25g 900 13,72gAu 1851 bis 1892
    10 Pesos 15,25g 900 13,72gAu 1895 bis 1980
    20 Pesos 4,06g 900 3,66gAu 1926 bis 1980
    20 Pesos 11,98g 900 10,98gAu 1896 bis 1917
    50 Pesos 10,17g 900 9,15gAu 1895 bis 1980
    100 Pesos 20,34g 900 18,30gAu 1895 bis 1980

  • Gross weight in grams 10,17
    Finess 900
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    Thickness in mm 1,6
    Diameter/Width in mm 23
    Country Chile
    Embossing year verschiedene Jahrgänge
    Par value 50 Pesos