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  • 20 Gold Mark Wilhelm ll - different years

    The gold coins with the portraits of the German emperors are among the historical trade gold coins. The “Deutsches Reich” existed from 1871 to 1918.


    Pictured is Kaiser Wilhelm II. Today, the Prussian 20-mark gold coins with Wilhelm II are sold as bullion coins and are also very popular with collectors. The imperial gold coins have an embossed edge, which is a feature that makes them difficult to counterfeit.


    The back side shows the eagle with a crown and spread wings. The year, the name “Deutsches Reich” and the nominal value 20 marks are written all around. 

    Please note: The actual allocation of the coins is based on availability, so special year and variant requests cannot be considered.

  • Gross weight in grams7,17
    Taxsteuerfrei nach § 25c UStG
    ConditionUmlaufware - Bankenstandard
    Single packageim durchsichtigen Münztäschchen
    Multi packageanalog Einzelverpackung
    Thickness in mm1,4
    Diameter/Width in mm22,5
    Embossing yearverschiedene Jahrgänge

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